Birka BioStorage AB has decided to partner the Swedish security expert company SafeTeam. SafeTeam will be providing security solutions as Birka BioStorage expands to a new location in the city of Lund, Sweden. The new relocated facilities will be ready during the summer of 2018 and Thomas Dickson at SafeTeam is responsible for the security solutions regarding fire safety, CCTV, alarm systems and access control systems.  SafeTeam will also provide expert knowledge regarding construction details for doors, windows and exterior walls and the surrounding protection of the facilities.

Ali Ismail, CEO:

”SafeTeam has been one of our most reliable partners, supporting us to maintain the necessary level of safety and security of our facilities. Together, we are trying to reach a higher level of preparedness and risk management.”

About SafeTeam: SafeTeam offers security solutions for multi-family houses, businesses and public buildings. SafeTeam cover all aspects of high tech security in and around your property. SafeTeam has the skills and resources to design, install and maintain advanced security technology. SafeTeam has been serving its customers for 50 years and qualify today as one of the leading security companies in Sweden.
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