Today Birka BioStorage and Bjornstorps Gods take the first step towards preparing to set up the biggest biorepository for research material in Europe.

This over 30 million SEK investment enables Birka BioStorage to become the essential partner of the biotech developers and the pharma production industry. Once in place, the new site will initially offer a 1400 square meters of controlled storage environments, sample processing unit and a training academy for external sample management professionals. The relocation of the Company´s current facilities and expansion expect to further improve the quality and the safety of the supply chain of the drug development process.

“Serving our Clients to overcome sample logistic challenges is a top priority in Birka BioStorage. The new site enables our team to scale up the storage capacity and become able to receive larger volumes within biotech manufacturing and biobanking in Europe. Further, with a more standardized approach, the new site will offer new services in clinical trial logistics and we shall offer realistic training in the storage and distribution practice to Client staff”
says Ali Ismail, Director of Commercial Operations Birka BioStorage.

The new purpose build site is expected to be operational late 2018 after acquiring the GMP license. Bjornstorps Gods, represented by Mr. Axel Gyllenkrok, is the owner of the property, where the deal with Birka BioStorage is to operate the site within a tenancy agreement of 20 years.

For further information please call:
Hussein Ismail, CEO and Vice President, Birka BioStorage T: +46 46 540 3930,