Our Facility

Our facility is designed to guarantee the safe handling, receipt, processing, storage, inventory control, packaging and distribution for all types of biological and pharmaceutical material. The facility houses a broad range of modern storage chambers:

  • Ambient environment on shelves or in cabinets
  • Cold room and cabinets for +2°C to +8°C
  • Freezer room and cabinets for 0°C to -30°C
  • Ultra-low freezers for -50°C to -86°C
  • Vapor-phase nitrogen freezers for cryo storage at -160°C to -196°C
  • Climate chambers for any temperature between +20°C to +70°C (10 to 90% humidity)
  • Customized storage environments for material testing, stress testing, packaging testing or according to client specific protocols
  • Dry Ice & Liquid Nitrogen supply

Our storage equipment park is housed in a secure, reliable, temperature controlled and fully monitored facility. A multi-purpose computerized security system provides around-the-clock secure access, intrusion and fire detection, electronic monitoring of all freezers and critical building functions.

Facility specifications:

  • Our facility is remotely monitored 24/7/365 by a security partner, as well as by our on-call team. It is located at a 5 minutes distance from the fire brigade and the police station
  • All storage chambers are subject to daily, weekly and monthly maintenance and testing
  • Our facility is connected to an uninterruptible power supply in case of main power failure. A second diesel generator is installed for manual connection, in case the automatic system would fail
  • Room climate is controlled, to maintain optimized operation and lifetime for our storage units
  • All storage units have access control
  • A strict hygiene control is applied, with regular cleaning and pest control system

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